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ART CLUB Supported by: East Dunbartonshire Arts Council

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Milton of Campsie Art Club
          CONSTITUTION AND STANDING ORDERS        (amended April 2014)



The name of the club is the Milton of Campsie Art Club.



The objects of the Club are:-
To promote the visual arts and encourage artists in the Milton of Campsie Area;
To provide a self-help and support group for artists in the Milton of Campsie Area;
To organise exhibitions and other events to assist members’ development as artists.


To further the above objects, the Club may:
Employ any person or persons to supervise, organise and carry on the work of the Club.
Lease, hire or otherwise acquire any appropriate property for the promotion of the objects of the Club.
Arrange and provide for, or join in arranging and providing for the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures, Clubs, seminars and training courses as required by the membership.
Join any organisations considered to be beneficial to and compatible with the objectives of the Club.
Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons by way of subscription or otherwise.
Do all other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Club’s objectives.



Membership is open to any person who wishes to become a member, supports the objectives of the Club and is over 16 years old, provided they pay any membership subscription or levy that may be due. Associate Membership at a reduced subscription fee, decided by an Annual General Meeting, is open to any person over 16 years old who supports the objectives of the Club but does not attend the regular Club meetings.

Only those members whose membership payments are up-to-date are eligible to take part in Club sessions and Club exhibitions. Members who lapse in payment, will be reminded by the Treasurer. After 3 weeks of non-payment, those members will be notified again. After a further 3 weeks of non-payment, membership will cease.



Management of the Club is vested in general meetings of the Club and the management committee appointed to represent it.

The management committee shall comprise not fewer than three or more than five members. Committee members shall stand down after one year, but will be available for immediate re-election.


General Meetings

The Annual General meeting will normally be held in January or February each year. No quorum shall be necessary for this meeting.

The Annual General Meeting shall elect at least 3 members, including a Convener, Secretary and Treasurer to the management committee. The management committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies that occur during its terms of office or to combine the above roles. Any such an appointment or arrangement must be intimated to all members within 7 days or it will cease to be effective.

A financial report and a notice convening a general meeting will be circulated to members not later than 6 days prior to any general meeting.

A Special General Meeting may be held if required by the management committee or requested by one third of the current membership.


Motions and Voting

Notices of motions and nominations should normally be lodged with the secretary not later than 14 days before the meeting but can at the discretion of those present be submitted at the meeting.

Any motion submitted and passed at a general meeting without prior intimation will be circulated to all members who were not in attendance

All members of the Club are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Voting shall be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is requested by 50% of the members attending.

The Convener, or member of the Club acting as such, has a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.


The financial year of the Club will be 1st January to 31st December each year.

Where subscriptions are required, in terms of a motion passed at a general meeting of members, these shall be payable not later than the date specified in the motion requiring them. Any member failing to do so will automatically forfeit membership unless granted an exemption by the management committee or the membership at a general meeting.

The funds of the Club will be administered by the Treasurer, in accordance with any directions given by general meetings or the management committee.

A bank account will be opened in the name of the Club. Each cheque must be signed by 2 members of the management committee, or others authorised by a vote at a general meeting.



This constitution may not be rescinded or amended except at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

Any motion to amend these rules must be carried by not less than two-thirds of the total votes cast.

The Convenor shall rule upon any matter of interpretation of these rules, and upon any matter on which they are silent. Any such decision may be challenged by 50% of the members attending. In this event the matter will be resolved by a vote of the members present.



The Club may only be dissolved by a majority vote at a general meeting called for that purpose.

Any assets remaining in the hands of the Club together with any relevant documents, vouchers and records, shall be divided amongst the members or transferred to a local or national group with similar aims to be used for the promotion of the Arts in the Milton of Campsie area.