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****** Return of the Mayfest!******

Coming shortly to Milton of Campsie village Hall is the re-modelled Mayfest Arts and Music festival, running from Fri 10th to Sun 12th May. 
This includes an Open Art Exhibition to which local artists are invited to display paintings, at their own risk. All pictures submitted must have the contact info of the artist visibly attached so that potential buyers can contact them. Scroll down for detailed information on how to enter.

Please note, there will also be a children's art workshop - (click for larger version)!

mayfest2019 Kids poster
Here's the program listing for all events at the Mayfest (click for larger version):


EXHIBITING PICTURES in Campsie MAYFEST 2019 – Invitation & Procedure.

Any artist who is interested in exhibiting is asked to contact Sieglinde Bucher by e-mail: <>.

Only the number of pictures and sizes (including frame) are required - with no other information.

The number accepted will be at the discretion of the organizers, ensuring good wall spacing.


Framed pictures and box canvases, with strings at the back, will need to be hung by the artist, him/herself, on Friday 10th, 1.00 - 3.00pm

or Saturday 11th, 9.30  - 10.30 am.

Artists will be given the Village Hall's hanging gear as required. Hanging and exhibiting is done at the artist's own risk.  Ladders will be available. Thereafter, re-adjustments may be made by the organisers.

Artists need to prepare their own information cards and stick these to the pictures: these should contain title, medium, artists name and contact details if the picture is for sale. The organisers cannot deal in any way with sales.

The exhibition opens to the public at 11.00am on Sat 11th. There will be no obstructions to viewing the pictures. Intervals in all concerts will allow time for viewing and visitors can walk around freely during the children's on-stage show and the jazz.

Pictures must be removed Sunday 12th between 9.30pm and 10.30pm, but can be taken away by purchasers at any time by arrangement with the artist.

The organisers cannot be held responsible, at any time, for pictures on display, but there will always be an organiser in the Hall during the advertised MAYFEST opening periods. As with all previous MAYFESTs, the Village Hall doors will be locked when there is no organisation using the Hall.